About Us

(1) JJ Express

The meaning of JJ Express is Joyous Journey and was established in 2011. JJ Express has taken the lead by deviating from convention and influences and by introducing using brand new buses, giving service on buses like a service that is given on a plane, running first class buses which have 2+1 seats. Thus, it has marked an important milestone in the transportation sector.

(1.1) Buses

Only HIGER Brand new buses, the most comfortable and the safest 3 axle buses for highway are used.

(1.2) Maintenance Assistance

Only after engines, tires, water, fuel, air pressure and engine oil are checked daily by the fleet department are respective journeys allowed to start.

When buses reach certain predetermined kilometers, a complete overhaul such as complete maintenance, comprehensive maintenance are conducted at HIGER service center.

(2) Drivers

JJ Express drivers have driven large vehicles for more than 10 years and have passed the driving training given by HIGER Bus Company.

They drive very carefully as if there are their families on buses

They have to go for medical check-ups every six months and only those who pass them are allowed to drive. (passed medical check- up A,B,C test )

(3) Class

(3.1)There are single seat and double seats (2+1) on first class coaches.

Complete on-the-coach services and refreshments as well as health-care service given by bus attendants who have completed first-aid training are provided.

(3.2)Business class

Passengers are driven economically to their destinations on new buses with 2+2 Super seats.

(4) Travel Insurance

Adequate insurance cover is provided for passengers.