Terms And Conditions

Mingalar Par!!!

The range of simple measure advised by WHO are effective ever for passengers on a bus : careful hand sanitize, avoiding touching other people , covering coughs and sneeze ( and the hand- washing ) avoiding travelling if becoming unwell and avoiding contact with anyone who appears to be unwell.


These Terms & Conditions apply to website, its mobile application or its reseller shops with JJ Express trademark that is regulated and operated by Joyous Journey Travels & Tours Company Limited.

To enjoy the most comfortable and safest & services provided by the JJ Express ,you shall acknowledge and agree as follows;


1. In order to purchase any service or products from us, you must be (1)at least 18 years of age, and (3) must not be a person barred from receiving or purchasing services under the laws of the Myanmar or other applicable jurisdiction.


2. All calls, emails and other means of communication between you and JJ Express may be recorded for training, quality assurance and legal purposes.


3. (a) JJ Express may, in its sole discretion, choose to not process or to cancel your reservation in certain situations. This may occur , for example, when the booking you wish to reserve is no longer available or has been misprized or when we suspect the reservation request is fraudulent or in other circumstances which JJ Express deems appropriate in its sole discretion.

(b) In case of an obvious error (including any error in data entry, error of calculation or clerical error) resulting in the display of a price which has obviously been displayed by mistake, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, even if it was automatically confirmed by us. You will be informed of this as soon as possible, to allow you to make a booking at the correct price, if you wish to. In any case, you will not be entitled to claim compensation from us on the grounds of the cancellation or the related costs, if any, that have been incurred due to an erroneous booking which has been cancelled.

(c) In some circumstances, and in addition to the billing and payment information you provide, we may require you to produce some proof of your identity. This can be requested at the time of booking, during payment processing or at any other time thereafter. We reserve the right to cancel the booking if you do not provide such proof of identity when requested with no liability whatsoever.

(d) We also reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time for security or fraud-protection purposes. This is generally due to our security-protection and fraud-detection processes reporting a problem with the payment card submitted, e-mail address used for booking etc. In such circumstances we may cancel your booking with no liability whatsoever. An email informing you about the cancelation will be sent to the email address you provided at the time of booking.


4. JJ Express also reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take steps to verify your identity to process your reservation. JJ Express will either not charge you for reservations that we do not process or we cancel.


5. JJ Express will try to provide accurate descriptions of products and services on the JJ Express site or its mobile apps. However, JJ Express does not warrant that descriptions are accurate, complete, current or error-free


6. JJ Express strives to provide accurate price information regarding products and service available on the site and apps. We can not, however, insure against pricing errors or price changes. JJ Express reserves the right, at its sole description, not to process or cancel any booking placed for a product or service whose price was (1) incorrectly provided as a result of an error, or (2) changed by the service provider . If this occurs, JJ Express will notify you by email and correct the pricing on the site and apps.

Group Travelers must be able to carry out social control measures in accordance with the terms and conditions.

7.  If a foreigner mistakenly chooses the ticket prize of a local passenger, he (or) she will have to pay the price of a ticket of a foreigner , it means the difference between the ticket prize of a local passenger and that of foreigner.


8. A Passenger is allowed to carry one backpack and one carry-on luggage free of charge. " The additional  luggage of standard bag will be charged $4 each. Oversize ( Linear dimension 63-115" / 1.6 - 2.9m ) or overnight ( 51 - 100 lb / 23 - 46kg ) will be charged $8 each." Standard bag: for bags that weight up to 50 lb / 22.68 kg and have a maximum dimension of 62" / 1.57 m ( Linear ).


9. A lost baggage put in cargo will be compensated 10 times the price of the ticket price. This is the maximum compensation that JJ Express will undertake and this is similar(in ratio with regards to ticket price) to airline compensation agreed internationally in https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montreal_Convention


10. You may not sell, auction, barter or transfer your reservation to a third party. All bookings and tickets are restricted and limited to a specific person with Myanmar NRC number or passport and the name that is mentioned at the time the booking was made.


11. Bookings do not include any incidental charges, expenses or services, except as specifically described in your description. You are liable for any such incidental charges, expenses or services that you incur or consume during your trip.


12. All Reservation and booking through JJ Express must be paid in full. You agree to pay to JJ Express the fees, costs, expenses and other changes in connection with your reservation (collectively, the "changes"). You acknowledge and agree that the changes will be billed to your payment card, or that you will pay for the changes using another payment method approved by JJ Express.


13. JJ Express share no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to accident, unexpected delay, sickness, weather, political situation or other cause beyond its control.


14. You acknowledge and agree that JJ Express may, in its sole discretion, modify, add or remove any part of these Terms & Conditions at any time and in any manner, including the Terms of JJ Express membership, by posting revised Terms & Conditions on the site. You may not amend or modify these Terms & Conditions under any circumstances. The current version of these Terms & Conditions is available at https://jjexpress.net/terms-conditions. It is your responsibility to check periodically for any changes we make to the Terms & Conditions. Your continued use of this Site or our service after any changes to the Terms & Conditions means you accept the changes.

These regulations which must be complied with for changing journeys, times and dates

1.      You will be charged 10% service fee if you would like to change your ticket(s) of the ticket of the journey that you have bought.

2.      You will be charged 10% service fee if you would like to change the time(s) of the ticket of the journey that you have bought.

3.      While using the system if you purchase the ticket for a journey the other way round (i.e you buy a ticket for “B” when you really want to go to “A”) or if you choose “local” for “foreigner” and vice versa, you will be charged 20% service fee for correcting the user’s mistake.

4.      If you would like to change the ticket of the journey which you have bought or if you would like to change the ticket for a different destination, the ticket will not be changed at all if you would like to change it within 2 days of your departure time (i.e if the date is very near)

5.      The purchased tickets for journeys from JJ Express will not be cancelled of refunded.

6.      Those who would like to purchase tickets for journeys as a group should notice the following.

-     Tickets can be bought in advance to have good seats. But if there are people in your group who are not sure about their dates tickets should be bought separately for them instead of buying tickets as a group.

-     If tickets are bought separately, 10% service fee will not be charged for the whole group but they will be charged for those who are not sure of their dates (i.e when 10 people purchase 10 tickets, only one reference number will be issued for them. If 3 people would like to change their dates, this reference number will be deleted and the other 7 people’s tickets will also be deleted and it is assumed that all the 10 people would like to change their dates for this reason. All the 10 people will have to pay 10% service fee.).

7.      If you would like to change the journey or the date from the original ticket, please contact JJ Express first and give the original reference number. And you have to purchase a new reference number when you arrive to start your journey. 10% will be deducted by JJ Express and you will be refunded 90% of the price of your ticket for the original seat.

8.      If you are a reseller, 10% must be paid first and JJ Express will cancel the reference number for the original ticket and a new ticket can be purchased.

9.      When 90% is refunded the ticket will be refunded according to the exchange rate fixed by JJ Express.

10.  Before you receive your refund, please contact JJ Express either by phone or email in advance and then you can receive it at the gate.

Safety for all routes and throughout the journey Let JJ Express be responsible for your choice.

Thank you very much