Q: Who are we?

A :Joyous Journey Express ( JJ Express).


Q: How are the roads in Myanmar where JJ Express run?

A: The roads in Myanmar are not like the roads in developed countries yet. They still have rooms to improve. Especially the roads to/from Taungyi (Inle and Kalaw) is quite winding since they are in the Shan hills. Other roads are on the flat land and the newly built high way are quite straight forward. The roads have been constantly getting upgrade work with the available resources the country has.

If you have time, you can watch this 30 minutes Youtube video!


Q: Does JJ Express have Shuttle/Ferry service ?

A: Yes. JJ Express has a Complimentary Shuttle/Ferry Service for VIP class and they are different for each city depending on the regulation. Please contact respective city JJ Express bus station for up to date information.

---- From Yangon (Ph - 09 449004880), There is a scheduled complimentary shuttle for VIP class from JJ Express Downtown to Aung Min Ga Lar Bus Station. Please give the number a call for shuttle/ferry service and schedule. You can go to Aung Min Ga Lar bus station yourself also.

    To Yangon, JJ Express complimentary shuttle/ferry for VIP class will go to Downtown JJ Express with limited stops. Be sure to request the driver plenty of time ahead. If you need to go to Aungmingalar bus station instead of downtown, you should stay on the Bus.

---- From Mandalay (Ph: 09 402564440; 09 402564441; 09 402564442), JJ Express complimentary shuttle/ferry for VIP class pick up point is at 83rd and 32nd st, JJ Express ticket booth to the Bus Station.

    To Mandalay, JJ Express complimentary shuttle/ferry for VIP class will take you to 83rd and 32nd st to JJ Express ticket booth. Please check with the ferry driver for nearest drop off for your destination BEFORE the Ferry leave the bus station.

---- From Bagan (Ph: 09 421152860; 09 421152861; 09 421152862), JJ Express will pick you up at your hotel but you have to let the Hotel call JJ Express for pick up a day early and the complimentary shuttle/ferry for VIP class will arrive at the given time with 0-15 minutes wait time depending on your Hotel location on the route. You can come to the Bagan Bus station yourself as well.

    To Bagan, JJ Express complimentary shuttle/ferry (for tourists) has been objected by local Taxi Union and you will have to arrange the trip yourself to your Hotel.

--- Kalaw is the passed through city on the way to Taungyi and there is no complimentary shuttle/ferry service but Kalaw is a small enough town and your Hotel should be able to provide the ferry. Please check with your hotel since the night bus will arrive Kalaw before sunrise.

--- Inle Lake, Nyaung Shwe, the bus do drop off and pick up at JJ Express Nyaung Shwe.


Q: What can one expect and prepare for the trip ?

A: Here are the links to blog and review by international travelers who have used JJ Express.




Q: Can I cancel or refund?

A: Booking can not be cancelled and is non-refundable as we book and pay in full to the bus company as soon as we receive the booking from you so that we can secure nice seat for our customer.


Q: Can I change the date and time of the ticket?

A: Yes, you can. You can change the ticket date and time 2 days before of the original ticket and there will be 20% service fee.


Q: What if one need a rest room break during the trip?

A: The bus stops for rest room break for about every other 3 hours at the proper rest stops. The first break take 30 minutes for passenger to stretch out and to have a light snack; and the next break is 10 minutes only. If one needs an urgent rest room break, the stop can be requested for roadside break. We don't have toilet on the bus to avoid fouling the air in the air condition bus.

Here are some of the many rest stops.


Q: How are the staff's English?

A: Our staff have limited English but they have proper training and experience; and they have been helping out both English speaking and non English speaking tourists successfully. Please give them a chance with simple English. If you have question about the ferry, there is FAQ entry for our complimentary ferry service.


Q: How to buy bus ticket?

A: You can select seat your-self from JJ Express Website or register by Application " JJ Express Myanmar".

Payment by Visa / Master / MPU / KBZ Direct Pay .


Q : How can you contact ?

A : There is an information for email and phone number at the top left corner of the page. emails are checked Monday through Friday at the end of the day. For urgent question for the next day trip or during weekends, it is recommended to call the phone number. Here is the list of phone number for JJ Express station in other cities https://jjexpress.net/contact_us


Q : How are the payment process? Is it secure? Whom to contact for payment issue?

A : We do accept either Visa Master,MPU card payment, bank transfer , KBZ Direct Pay or deposit to our jj express registered account methods. If you have issue with payment, please contact https://2c2p.com/contact.aspx


Q : Buy tickets early! (Because of Holidays in Myanmar)

A: You should buy tickets very early if you are traveling during or about festival period or coinciding with long weekend holiday in Myanmar. During those times, tickets are sold out very quick. You probably will not get a ticket if you buy a week before such an event. You should plan carefully tho since tickets cannot be cancelled and there is a service fee to change date/time of the tickets provided that there is ticket available tickets for your desired date/time. The most important part here is the availability of the tickets. We want you to secure the tickets that fit nicely with your travel plan along with not missing the flight home. There are certain holiday days when our bus lines do not  run such as Myanmar New Year festival. Here is a web site for you to check Myanmar holidays https://www.officeholidays.com/countries/myanmar/2019


Q : What is the different between (First Class) 2+1 seat and (Business Class) Super Seat 2+2 seat?

A: It means the number of seats in a row on bus. It means 2+1 has first Class , Bus Attendant , Service Snack Box, Coffee, Soft Drink, Digestive Sweet. And 2+2 Business Class is cheaper than 2+1, you can get the most comfortable and safest First Class(2+1) and Business Class (2+2) Super Seat.


Q : What do I need to bring to Bus station to take bus?

A : You just need to provide our complete E-ticket at the Bus gate along with your NRC or passport to verify that you are the right passenger. Moreover, passengers are suggested that they bring along their NRC when they travel at all time. A light jacket because the AC is a bit cold.


Q: JJ Express Vs other Express ?

A: "Aungmingalar car park has a lot more Express lines, for me, I have sampled the quality enough and I will be sticking with JJ Express even more. "



Q: JJ Express Vs Flying ?

A: "a country where domestic flights can be extremely expensive and train journeys are the stuff of legends with derailments and long delays a common occurrence"


"...a lot cheaper and flying here is not really an option for me because you're looking at a $100 for a flight..."



Q: Arriving from airport or going to airport

A: If you plan to catch a bus right after landing, please check to see if you have at least 3 hour minimum gap between landing time and bus departure because you will have to go through immigration and wait your luggage, then there is about more than 30 minutes drive to bus station with normal traffic. The suggestion is to have about 4 hours gap. Have the departing bus station phone number in hand to check with the bus station. (email staff don't have up to date information about the departing buses). The bus will leave on time.  

We don't recommend you to catch the morning flight right after leaving the night bus. E.g. please don't plan to catch 9:00 am flight riding our night bus arriving 7:00am. Our buses arrive 99.99% on time but there are things that are not in our control e.g. flood and unforeseen traffic. Please give yourself a day or 12 hours; and enjoy the last moment in Myanmar outside the enclosure of the bus and the plane.

Q: How are the JJ Express Buses?

A: Our buses are properly maintained with certified engineers and we introduce brand new buses every year.


Q : Which bank can I pay-in the deposit money?

A: Coming Soon